Mobile Development and Testing is also another specialized wing of Maven Group. Our solutions in this are fairly economical and allow the clients to get far-reaching results within budget. As a client, you can easily reap the benefits of this service which include development formulas, testing, and worldwide maintenance services.

We test, develop and maintain different mobile applications for all platforms including Android and iOS.  

Renovating a mobile OS needs strict and rigid testing standards to answer newer forms and challenges in today’s global world and this is what exactly our mobile development and testing team do.  

We provide testing services that consist of functional testing, cross-platform testing, compatibility testing, usability, localization testing and field testing. 

We test our applications with all the current mobile operating systems such as iPhone, Android, and Symbian. 

Our mobile development team also studies analytics and evaluates the business necessities of the client before getting into the development phase. 

All through the process, we make every move taking into account the need of the clients so that they don’t face any difficulty in the near time or far time. We perfectly architect and integrate the new technology with the existing applications if needed. 

We ensure that the apps are tested thoroughly before submitting to major app stores, this ensures client satisfaction fully.  

In addition, we even give broad support for regular app maintenance. We trust in improving apps regularly with major updates and releases to make sure they remain upgraded and lessen the difficulties of our clients.

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